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Steps for Medical Cannabis Certification

Medical Cannabis Certification Screening

Medical Card Inquiry

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Do you have your medical records?

Do you have your medical records?

The Minnesota medical Cannabis program requires that you have been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. Without the critical data in your medical records, it is possible we may not have enough information to complete your certification.

Please fax us copies of the records that verify and support your qualifying condition, and if you do not have those records please request copies faxed to our facility as soon as possible.

Use the form ROI-to-DPC.   This is a standard Release of Information Form.
Note* If you request records sent directly to Dodson Pain Consultants, your hospital/clinic typically won’t charge a fee.

FORM to Download:
Release Of Information to DPC : ROI-to-DPC-MCC.pdf

Steps for Weight Loss with Semaglutide

Doctor supervised weight loss with prescribed medication Semaglutide. Please call for a screening to see If Semaglutide medical treatment is right for you.


We will need the following for your safety and success in this weight loss program:

  • A list of your current medications
  • previous Medical records from your primary care provider
  • A diagnostic test known as a “Bod Pod R testing assessment

Steps for Medication Assisted Therapy with Suboxone

Steps for Back Brace

IF YOU THINK YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A BRACE please call for a screening. We will require the following:

  • previous Medical records from your primary care provider