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Our Services
Dodson Pain Consultants

Our Services
Dodson Pain Consultants

Dodson Pain Consultants offer a range of medical services that can help you address your intractable or severe pain due to serious illnesses. We have a team of licensed medical specialists who will provide you with pain management, through various therapies and medications.

Medication Assisted Therapy

The Dodson Directive’s approach to assisting patients with Opioid Misuse or Dependency (Opioid Use Disorder) is based on evidence based practices utilizing innovative and interdisciplinary…

Pain Management

Dodson Pain Consultant’s approach to pain management is both dynamic and progressive. Our mission is to maximize a patient’s pain resolution to improve functionality and quality…

Medical Cannabis Program

It is the mission of this medical cannabis clinic to assist qualified patients in meeting the requirements for certification for Medical Cannabis Program in Minnesota. We will provide…

Personalized Medical Care

Our health care practitioners will work closely with you to determine your unique needs. From there, they will draft an individual care plan for you. This pain management plan may include a series of rehabilitative therapies and medications, including medical cannabis, if needed. With personalized medical care, you can rest assured that we will reach your individual goal, in time.

Rehabilitative Therapy

We have a team of licensed professionals who will provide a range of rehabilitative therapies to relieve your painful symptoms. They can perform myofascial release therapy, physical therapy, and even trigger point injections. More importantly, they follow the best practices to ensure your safety.

Pain Assistance

Other than therapies, we offer specialized medications to eliminate or at least reduce your pain. Our doctors are registered to certify patients for the Medical Cannabis Program in Minnesota. They will assess your present health conditions, and if they see that you suffer from at least one disease listed in the program requirements, they will provide you with patient certification. You can use this certification to register for the program and receive medical cannabis as part of your treatment plan.

Additionally, we offer opioid dependency treatment program for patients who suffer from withdrawals and cravings related to opioid misuse. We understand that several patients had to take opiates to manage their pain, however, we also recognize that becoming dependent on these drugs is possible and is a health risk.

As we observe a dynamic and progressive approach to pain management, expect that we will maximize all the pain resolutions available today. After all, our goal is to help you restore your healthier and more active lifestyle.